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Website Hosting
with Amazon Web Services

Websites deployed by Unrivaled Creations on Amazon Web Services load instantly, are SSL-encrypted and rank better on Google than websites hosted on shared hosting providers.

In general, once Unrivaled Creations has delivered a work product to a client, it is the client's responsibility to provide their own hosting services. However, many small- to mid-size businesses choose to have us deploy their websites. In such cases, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the hosting solution because it is fast, robust and reliable.

Hosting FAQ

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

If it's good enough for Lamborghini, Netflix, Dole, Intuit, Expedia, Newsweek and AirBNB, it's good enough for us! AWS is so high-performance, that there is literally no wait time for your pages to load. This makes your visitors happy, and gives you some perks with the search engines, too. That's why we recommend AWS for your web hosting services provider.

What does AWS hosting for a website cost?

Generally, smaller websites cost less than $15 per month. And the first year, it’s usually free!

What does Unrivaled Creations charge to deploy a website to AWS?

The cost varies, and is quoted on an individual basis.

What goodies are included when Unrivaled Creations deploys my website to AWS?

Websites will be deployed using SSL-encryption and the latest, fastest transfer protocols, which boosts your search engine rankings and preserves the privacy and security of your visitors.

The new, highly performance-optimized HTTP 2.0 protocol dramatically improves the speed and responsiveness of your website. Faster speeds make your website easier for your visitors to use and helps search engine rankings.

Fully-encrypted with its very own SSL certificate (HTTPS) provided by Let’s Encrypt - a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). The ISRG is sponsored by Cisco, Akamai, Facebook, Mozilla, Google Chrome and others. Encrypted websites protect the privacy and security of your visitors and also helps search engine rankings.

Brass tacks: What do you recommend as an alternative to a "shared" hosting service?

Host your website using AWS, host your email using Google Apps for Work and use your domain name registrar (where you bought your domain name) to manage your DNS.

A "domain name registrar" is a company that lets you buy and own domain names. Once you own a domain name, building a website, hosting a website and having email addresses that use that domain name are a whole different thing.

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