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Services and Pricing

Your business is unique. Your challenges are unique. Our bespoke applications and websites are designed to handle your particular project.

Flat Rate Services

  • Website, Basic: Starting at $3,500
  • Discovery Session: Starting at $750

Certain projects are billed at a flat rate. This is appropriate for projects that don’t have a lot of variables.

By the way, a half-day ($750) or full-day ($1,250) discovery session is required before any commissioned work will be accepted. You may not need what you think you need! A half-day to a full-day of in-house, side-by-side exploration will unmask your project’s secrets and with that, our expertise will prove invaluable in choosing a design and development project that works for you.

Hourly Services

  • Billing Rate: $125/hr.

Some projects are just too “wild.” Unpredictability means billing at an hourly rate, with services provided on a time and materials basis. This also applies to projects when out-of-scope services or tasks are requested.